Terms and Conditions of receiving online lessons with UP-grade


  • Students will not be taught until proof of deposit is sent to reception@up-grade.co.za . UP-grade’s lessons are done on a pre-paid basis.

  • If a parent has elected to take up the ‘focus group’ then up to 4 other students may join the class.

  • The lesson will begin at the arranged time and end at the arranged time. If a student is late to a lesson, the lesson will still end at the arranged time.

  • Should there be a situation where a learner is late for a lesson and he/she is the only attendee, the teacher will wait for a maximum of 20 minutes for the learner, thereafter the lesson will be forfeited.

  • Behaviour including, but not limited to, disruptiveness, disrespect or inappropriateness will not be tolerated and could result in a non-refunded termination of tuition at the teacher’s discretion.

  • In the unfortunate event of load shedding occurring, the lesson will continue under emergency lighting. Failure to attend a lesson due to load shedding will result in a forfeited lesson.

  • Packages/lessons purchased must be used within 12 months from the date of purchase. Any lessons that are not used during the 12 month period will be forfeited thereafter.

Lessons at UP-grade are like purchasing a movie ticket. If a child does not attend the lesson on the booked day at the scheduled time it will be forfeited, unless a request to postpone the lesson is given in writing a week in advance. Please make sure that your child is available for lessons and that it does not clash with school functions or other commitments before these dates are confirmed. If a child is sick and cannot attend a lesson, the lesson will only be postponed if a doctors note is brought to the following lesson. The lesson will be forfeited until a doctor’s note is produced.


To reiterate, lessons can be postponed if a full weeks’ notice (7 days) is communicated via email.  


These terms are in place to ensure that UP-grade maintains a high level of teaching staff.

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